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Hisense Wine Cooler
  • Humidity Control is important to prevent corks from shrinking and your wine from spoiling. Designed to help preserve your wines within the optimal 60% humidity range.

  • Special anti-vibration dampers and easy-glide shelving help reduce micro-vibration, which can stir up sediment and decrease the enjoyment of your wine.

  • Preservation Low-E and UV glass provides protection against environmental elements and the Dual Zone temperature control is designed to preserve your valuable wine collection.

  • Designed to showcase your wine collection either built-in to your cabinetry, or stand alone on Beechwood-faced, easy-glide shelving and Blue LED lighting.

  • Dimensions: H 33.9 in, W 23.4 in, D 25.5 in

Hisense Wine Cooler

  • Model #-HWD46029SS

    Serial #- 1J0128Z0020JJB00ME70056


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